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Name:ⒶⓌⒺⓈⓄⓂ-Ⓞ ④⓪⓪⓪
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Location:Texas, United States of America

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4chan, adachi's cabbages, adamo fuck yeah, america fuck yeah, anonymous on the news, aperture science, apprivoising, bakura's sock drawer, balancing the load, batch torrents, being a closet furry, bidoof on da boof, boots with the fur, brooklyn rage, brrrrmmmmm, burning plastic darts, button mashing, capslock, clearance racks, cosplaying in public, david tennant's facial expressions, death pirates, demon butlers, dick grayson's ass, edgeworth's unnecessary feelings, elementary my dear watson, encyclopedia dramatica, epileptic trees, feeling the aster, feffiroff, firo's hat, five dollar foot longs, flower boy assassins, for yoooooooooouuu!!, fuck yeah adamo, gainax's ridiculous animation tendencies, girls with guns, hai desu, haters gonna rotate, heterosexual life partners, house's fake american accent, idk my bff rose, japanese vending machines, japanese-speaking californian indians, jenova's witnesses, kemo hairapy, kicking reason to the curb, kiraboshi! ☆, kkm's terrible morals, losing the game, macaroni and cheese, maldonian slang, mudkips, non je ne regrette rien, nubile lesbian mecha pilots, obscure phallic references, obsessively following search lights, obvious trolling, pedopals, piercing the heavens, pigfarts, plastic wrap kisses, poking badgers with spoons, rail tracer mccarthyism, rainbows, rape o'clock, ridiculous euphemisms for penis, row row fight the power, scary shiny glasses, sex with speedsters, shinou's ghostly appendages, shoujo tears, slashing everything, stomping on cell phones, subconscious weeaboo tendencies, sunny delight, tentacle rape, terrifying pertwee, that goddamn banana boat, that's what she said, the ackles ass equation, the church of kal-el, the dharma initiative, the goddamn batman, the virus of izzy's lies, urban dictionary, viewer discretion is advised, viral marketing, wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tubemen, well-written porn, what's next on baccano, why so serious, wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff, yakuza slang, yes we ke-han
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