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2016-01-05 09:23 pm

selling post.

hello there! i've been cleaning house recently and i've got a whole bunch of anime junk i just don't have room for anymore, so if you're so inclined, i'd love if y'all could take some of this stuff off my hands! if you're interesting in anything, please comment here or pm me. prices are negotiable since i really want to get rid of this stuff. thanks for looking!

this is what happens when you go to japan )
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2013-02-24 06:49 pm

south park transportation headcanon

Stan: 2002 Blue Toyota Camry. Nice and simple. Also kinda lame, but you know what that's the best he could afford on his own.

Kyle: Sheila attempted to teach him how to drive but that resulted in a near crash and mild panic attack and Kyle being too afraid to get behind the wheel again. Stan pretty much drives him everywhere unless he's sick, in which case Kenny will (for a price). He's also a horrendously anxious backseat driver.


Kenny: Shitty, beat-up pick-up truck he stole got from an impound lot. Someone was probably murdered in it. Fixed it up so it at least runs, but the heat is busted. It gets him places, that's all he cares about.

Butters: Yellow Volkswagen Beetle that he hardly ever gets to drive because he's always getting grounded and having his driving privileges taken away.

Craig: Busted up old piece of shit that smells funny and has cigarette burns and paint chipping off. No amount of pine tree air fresheners can save this car.

Clyde: Brown Jeep CJ7 Renegade. The only one with a practical snow-driving car.

Token: A purple Mercedes-Benz convertible. Everyone hates him for having the most expensive ride.

Tweek: Not allowed to operate vehicles of any kind. TOO MUCH PRESSURE. He usually gets a ride from Craig or Clyde.

Wendy: A silver 2010 Hyundai Genesis.

Bebe: Refuses to be seen with Clyde until he gets a new car. She also has a cute red moped and a red BMW convertible.
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2013-02-24 05:08 pm

approximate annual south park household incomes

* all incomes listed are base salaries before expenses

Marsh Family: $111,795
Randy, Geologist - $85,991
Sharon, Receptionist - $25,804

Broflovski Family: $123,464
Gerald, Attorney
Sheila, Homemaker/Unemployed

Cartman Family: $44,937
Liane, Minimum wage + prostitution

McCormick Family: $31,368
Carol, Minimum wage x2
Stuart, Unemployed

Stotch Family: $146,166
Stephen, Office Job - $50,773
Linda, Engineer - $95,393

Black Family: $282,755
Steve, Attorney (Denver) - $182,229
Linda, Chemist (Denver) - $100,526

Tucker Family: $77,432
Laura, Secretary - $43,982
Thomas, Used Car Salesman - $33,450

Tweak Family: $84,000
Tweek Bros. Coffeehouse Owners

Donovan Family: $68,820
Roger, Shoe Store Owner - $68,820
Betsy, Elementary School Teacher - $44,711

Valmer Family: $???
Ryan, Chief of Fire Department - $75,501
Sarah, ??? - ???

Testaburger Family: $???
Mrs. Testaburger, City Planner - $53,148
Mr. Testaburger, ??? - ???
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2012-09-16 10:28 pm
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YEAH THIS SHIT AGAIN like I really need more prompts but whatever I keep forgetting these are supposed to be short so my brain is like NO CAN'T DO THIS MUST WRITE HUGE FANFICS when no they are only supposed to be 500 words or less so I overwhelm myself when really I just need to stay whelmed and write actual fucking drabbles jfc -- IE MAYBE I'LL ACTUALLY GET AROUND TO WRITING THE OLD ONES FROM HERE BUT UNTIL THEN HAVE ANOTHER ONE with only specific fandoms because lol I REALLY DON'T NEED ANYMORE YJ PROMPTS I HAVE A THOUSAND

1. Pick a letter and a corresponding word or expression.
2. Pick a fandom I can write for.
3. Pick a character(s) or pairing.
4. Take as many as you want. Repeat letters are allowed.
5. Specify if you want porn, otherwise they'll stay safe for work.
6. When/if I finish it, I'll respond to your comment/contact you somehow with a link.
7. Accept that yours may not get filled because I'm lame. It's not you, it's me.

THINGS YOU CAN REQUEST ON THIS MEME: South Park, Motorcity, Gravity Falls, Supernatural (maybe), X-Files (I CAN TRY), Batfam, crossover shit, OCs, MAYBE YJ IF HALF THE MEME ISN'T YJ I ALREADY HAVE AN ENTIRE OTHER MEME THAT IS BASICALLY YJ

A for Ask ○ Chazz & Kyle ○ MU ○ [personal profile] demonicangel67
& for Atrocity ○ Mike ○ Motorcity ○ [personal profile] veebox
& for Ache ○ Kyle ○ MU ○ [personal profile] veebox
& for Ascend ○ Jason ○ Batstuck ○ Batfam ○ [personal profile] veebox
& for Act One ○ Mike & Dipper & Mabel ○ Motor Falls ○ [personal profile] veebox
B for Blood Test ○ Wally & Dick & Sam ○ YJ/Original ○ [personal profile] aliencereal
& for Biology ○ Wally/Conner ○ Young Justice ○ [personal profile] pirate_queen
& for Bangles ○ Dipper & Mabel & Mike ○ Motor Falls ○ [personal profile] veebox
& for Brevity ○ Heath/Chazz ○ MU ○ [personal profile] veebox
C for Consent ○ Wally/Kendra ○ The Tape AU ○ South Justice ○ [personal profile] aliencereal
& for Cancerous ○ Cartman & Kyle ○ South Park ○ [personal profile] veebox
& for Calloused ○ Dick/Wally ○ Young Justice ○ [personal profile] veebox
D for Dreamer ○ Kyle ○ MU ○ [personal profile] demonicangel67
E for Enlighten ○ Heath & Dominique ○ MU ○ [personal profile] demonicangel67
& for Elegant ○ Chazz & Kyle ○ MU [personal profile] demonicangel67
& for Emphasis ○ Cartman ○ South Park ○ [personal profile] demonicangel67
& for Escape ○ Cass ○ Batfam ○ [personal profile] demonicangel67
& for Elephants ○ ??? ○ Batstuck ○ Batfam ○ [personal profile] veebox
F for Forlorn ○ Stan/Kyle ○ South Park ○ [personal profile] veebox
& for Forsaken ○ Stan ○ South Park ○ [personal profile] veebox
G for Giggles ○ Wally/Midori ○ Crossover ○ [personal profile] aliencereal
& for Gilded ○ Heath/Dominique ○ MU ○ [personal profile] veebox
& for God is Dead ○ Kenny ○ South Park ○ [personal profile] veebox
H for Help ○ Stan/Kyle ○ South Park ○ [personal profile] aliencereal
& for Here ○ Heath & Dimitri ○ MU ○ [personal profile] demonicangel67
& for Home ○ Kyle ○ MU ○ [personal profile] demonicangel67
& for Hegemon ○ America/Prussia ○ Hetalia ○ [personal profile] veebox
I for Incomplete ○ Kenny/Wally ○ South Justice ○ [personal profile] veebox
& for Incentive ○ Chazz & Kyle ○ MU ○ [personal profile] veebox
& for Incapacitated ○ Sam & Dean ○ Supernatural ○ [personal profile] veebox
J for Joker ○ Jason & Finley ○ TTAU ○ [personal profile] aliencereal
& for Jealous ○ Heath/Natasha ○ MU ○ [personal profile] veebox
K for Kleptomania ○ Kenny/Wally ○ South Justice ○ [personal profile] aliencereal
& for Killjoy ○ Heath/Dimitri ○ MU ○ [personal profile] veebox
L for Level ○ Cartman & Butters ○ South Park ○ [personal profile] veebox
& for Lerner Airfield ○ Mulder & Scully ○ X-Files ○ [personal profile] veebox
& for Leech ○ Dave/Wally/Dave ○ Crossover ○ [personal profile] veebox
M for Morbid ○ Max --> Ozzie ○ SJstuck ○ SJ/Original ○ [personal profile] aliencereal
& for Music ○ Bruce ○ Batfam ○ [personal profile] demonicangel67
& for Morning ○ Heath & Dimitri ○ MU ○ [personal profile] demonicangel67
& for Mary ○ Kyle ○ South Park ○ [personal profile] veebox
& for Crush ○ Mabel & Dipper ○ Gravity Falls ○ [personal profile] veebox
N for Next ○ Heath/Dimitri ○ MUstuck ○ MU ○ [personal profile] veebox
& for Normal ○ Dipper/Norman ○ Crossover ○ [personal profile] veebox
& for Negotiation ○ Cartman & Craig ○ South Park ○ [personal profile] veebox
O for Orgy ○ Kex & Marvin ○ Original ○ [personal profile] aliencereal
& for Only ○ America & Miria ○ Crossover ○ [personal profile] demonicangel67
& for Ollie Outie ○ Heath ○ MU ○ [personal profile] demonicangel67
& for Orchid ○ Wally/Midori ○ Crossover ○ [personal profile] veebox
& for Obsolete ○ Heath/Dimitri ○ MU ○ [personal profile] veebox
& for Oblivion ○ Cartman ○ South Park ○ [personal profile] veebox
& for Orthodontist ○ Dimitri/Heath ○ MU ○ [personal profile] veebox
& for Overture ○ Mulder & Scully ○ X-Files ○ [personal profile] veebox
P for Protect ○ Dick ○ Batfam ○ [personal profile] demonicangel67
& for Property ○ Batfam ○ [personal profile] demonicangel67
& for Pining ○ Dipper & Norman ○ Crossover ○ [personal profile] veebox
Q for Questions ○ Dipper ○ Gravity Falls ○ [personal profile] demonicangel67
R for Rise ○ Mabel ○ Gravity Falls ○ [personal profile] demonicangel67
& for Regulate ○ Batfam ○ [personal profile] demonicangel67
& for Requiem ○ Wally/Feferi ○ Crossover ○ [personal profile] veebox
S for Save ○ Dipper & Mabel ○ Gravity Falls ○ [personal profile] demonicangel67
& for Sun ○ Dipper & Mabel ○ Gravity Falls ○ [personal profile] demonicangel67
& for Sordid ○ Jason Todd ○ Batfam ○ [personal profile] veebox
& for Simple Plan ○ Dick/Wally ○ Young Justice ○ [personal profile] veebox
T for Turns ○ America & Miria ○ Crossover ○ [personal profile] demonicangel67
& for Tentative ○ Dick/Babs ○ Batfam ○ [personal profile] veebox
U for Usurp ○ Cartman & Kyle ○ South Park ○ [personal profile] veebox
& for Ugly ○ Dipper & Mabel ○ Gravity Falls ○ [personal profile] veebox
& for Understand ○ Bruce & Clark ○ Young Justice ○ [personal profile] veebox
V for Vivisection ○ Kendra & Wendy ○ South Justice ○ [personal profile] aliencereal
& for Variety ○ Kenny ○ South Park ○ [personal profile] demonicangel67
W for Window ○ Heath ○ MU ○ [personal profile] demonicangel67
X for Xenon ○ Dick & Wally ○ Young Justice ○ [personal profile] demonicangel67
Y for Young Girl ○ Vincent/Natasha ○ MU ○ [personal profile] veebox
& for Yield ○ Dick & Damian ○ Batfam ○ [personal profile] veebox
& for Yes ○ America/Miria ○ Crossover ○ [personal profile] veebox
Z for Zip ○ Wally & M'gann ○ Young Justice ○ [personal profile] demonicangel67
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2012-06-13 06:33 pm
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Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake 4/6
Bravest Warriors 5/--

X-Factor 202/--
Batman 413/427
The New Teen Titans (1986) 21/31
Vengeance 3/6
Teen Titans v3 (2003) 24/100
Morning Glories 3/--
Prince of Tennis 247/379
One Piece 256/--

EVERYTHING EVER /stares at comics folder and weeps

Booster Gold (2007)
Birds of Prey
New X-Men v2
New Mutants v2
Avenger's Academy

The Flash
How To Get Away With Murder
RuPaul's Drag Race
Bates Motel
Sleepy Hollow
Orphan Black
Once Upon A Time
The 100

The X-Files 7x06
The Vampire Diaries 3x15
Misfits 2x04
Dexter 1x02
Chuck 5x00
Boardwalk Empire 2x05
NUMB3RS 4x08
House 8x04
Merlin 2x00
The Flash (90s) 1x02
Boy Meets World 1x03
Community 1x02
Rizzoli & Isles 1x02

American Horror Story
Mad Men
The Walking Dead
Lois & Clark
Person of Interest
Orange Is the New Black
Dark Angel


South Park
Adventure Time
Steven Universe
Gravity Falls
Legend of Korra
Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse

X-Men: Evolution 4x??
Teen Titans 2x08
Transformers: Animated 2x01
Totally Spies 1x05
Static Shock 1x05
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic 1x06
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: 1x07

Batman: The Brave and the Bold
Spectacular Spider-Man
Danny Phantom
The Batman
Jackie Chan Adventures
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Generator Rex
Dante's Inferno
Mass Effect

Crisis Core
Kingdom Hearts 2
Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
Persona 3: Portable
Persona 4
Saw: The Game
Mass Effect 2
Injustice: Gods Among Us
Lego Batman 2
Togainu no Chi
Dangan Ronpa
Pokemon X
Devil Survivor: Overclocked
South Park: The Stick of Truth

Gakuen Hetalia
Final Fantasy II
Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions
Saw II: Flesh & Blood
Mass Effect 3
Batman: Arkham Asylum
Animal Crossing

Batman: Arkham City
BioShock Infinite
LA Noire
The Orange Box
Bastion (PC)
Dragon Age: Origins & Awakening
Dragon Age II
Phoenix Wright
Scribblenauts Unmasked
The World Ends With You

Persona Q