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approximate annual south park household incomes

* all incomes listed are base salaries before expenses

Marsh Family: $111,795
Randy, Geologist - $85,991
Sharon, Receptionist - $25,804

Broflovski Family: $123,464
Gerald, Attorney
Sheila, Homemaker/Unemployed

Cartman Family: $44,937
Liane, Minimum wage + prostitution

McCormick Family: $31,368
Carol, Minimum wage x2
Stuart, Unemployed

Stotch Family: $146,166
Stephen, Office Job - $50,773
Linda, Engineer - $95,393

Black Family: $282,755
Steve, Attorney (Denver) - $182,229
Linda, Chemist (Denver) - $100,526

Tucker Family: $77,432
Laura, Secretary - $43,982
Thomas, Used Car Salesman - $33,450

Tweak Family: $84,000
Tweek Bros. Coffeehouse Owners

Donovan Family: $68,820
Roger, Shoe Store Owner - $68,820
Betsy, Elementary School Teacher - $44,711

Valmer Family: $???
Ryan, Chief of Fire Department - $75,501
Sarah, ??? - ???

Testaburger Family: $???
Mrs. Testaburger, City Planner - $53,148
Mr. Testaburger, ??? - ???

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